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Error "Update failed for time entry" when task is on a Modern New UX timesheet and the task or project is then closed for time entry is not clear


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


In the New / Modern User Experience (UX), user sees error “Update failed for time entry” if the task is not open for time entry and the values entered are cleared out of the cells.


  1. Create a project and add a resource to the team with the following set:
  • Project = Open for time, Track Mode = PPM
  • Resource = Open for time, Track Mode = PPM
  • Team member = Open for Time

     2. Create a task on the project (Open for time) and assign the user to the task

     3. Go to the New UX Timesheets and click 'Select Resource'

     4. Search for the resource from step 1 and click View on any timesheet for the user

     5. Add the task from step 2 to the timesheet in the New UX

     6. Close the task for time entry (or close the project for time entry)

     7. Go back and try to edit the task on the timesheet (example, add 5 hours to the task)

Expected Results: Error message saying that the task is closed for time entry and task is grayed out/locked/uneditable

Actual Results: Error “Update failed for time entry” and values entered are cleared out of the cells

This also happens if you post a timesheet, close a task for time entry that was on the timesheet, adjust the timesheet and then go back and try to edit the task hours.


Release : 15.6.1, 15.7, 15.7.1



This issue is caused by DE53026


This issue is fixed Clarity PPM 15.8.

Pop up messages in 15.8:

Workaround: Check the app-ca.logs to find out why the task is not able to be edited. 

Example of error you’ll see in app-ca.logs:

ERROR 2020-01-23 13:14:47,026 [http-nio-8080-exec-68] rest.validation (clarity:admin:...PPM_REST_API) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not update resource. Resource name: timeEntries. Error code: timeadmin.timeentry.api.TASK_NOT_OPEN_FOR_TE Error message: TMA-1026: The task is not open for time entry.


Additional Information

See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity PPM