SD4302E and SD4303I messages in Netmaster log
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SD4302E and SD4303I messages in Netmaster log


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NetMaster Network Automation NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


Netmaster region shows  a few or many of these messages on startup

 SD4301I Checking MODS entities from MOD@$W3 are at NMTI5392 level for PTF SO0
 SD4302E Missing maintenance SO09324 detected for element MOD@$$$             
 SD4303I MOD@$$$ last update NMTI5383, expected NMS2293                       
 SD4302E Missing maintenance SO06597 detected for element MOD@$AM             
 SD4303I MOD@$AM last update INSTALL, expected NMS2250                        
 SD4306E Missing maintenance SO06597 detected for element PAN@$AM in PANLDIS  
 SD4307I PAN@$AM last update INSTALL , expected NMS2250                       
 SD4302E Missing maintenance SO09623 detected for element MOD@$FA             
 SD4303I MOD@$FA last update INSTALL, expected NMTI5445   
   SD4305I VSAM Check completed. 24 errors detected                     


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Suite


Mismatch between SMP/E applied maintenance and runtime VSAM files in region


There are two options.

  • For PTFs that update content used in the VSAM files (generally MODSDIS and PANLDIS), the ++HOLDDATA provides JCL to run the NMVIP program that ports the changes over from SMP managed libraries to the VSAM datasets.  
  • A new to 12.2 VSAMUPDATE parameter group allows the Netmaster region to update the VSAM files automatically when it initializes after applying maintenance.

The process for doing so is described in the Apply Maintenance for VSAM and RAMDB section of the NETMASTER® SHARED CONTENT LIBRARY 12.2.

Similarly, to verify whether there is a discrepancy between VSAM and the runtime libraries, $$SYSPRO was enhanced to track this as well, as you can read in the New Features in the Incremental Release section of the NETMASTER® NETWORK MANAGEMENT FOR TCP/IP 12.2 documentation:

VSAM Update Tracking

$$SYSPRO has been updated to provide VSAM maintenance checking. $$SYSPRO VSAM verifies that VSAM files have been updated by the NMVIP job as recommended in the PTF HOLDDATA.
This enhancement is supplied via PTF SO04199.