CA View - Product Libraries for View R14
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CA View - Product Libraries for View R14


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Deliver View


The client is upgrading CA View from R12.2 to R14.0, and would like information on performing that installation.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Installing View/Deliver 14.0, whether by using CA Chorus or performing a manual install:

. View and Deliver (as well as CA DRAS and Content Viewer (new Web Viewer)) are all installed from the same file.
They are no longer separate products and are considered to be products in the same suite.

Here is a link to the View/Deliver 14.0 documentation:

The 14.0 SYSMODS used in the install are the following:

. CBRME00 - CA View 14.0
. CBRNE00 - CA Deliver 14.0
. CBROE00 - EBC Common Component 14.0
. CBY3E00 - CA DRAS Base Function
. CBY3E02 - CA View Agent
. CEOCE00 - Java Transformer Component
. CFD3E00 - Java Transformer Component
. CCAFE00 - Web Viewer 14.0