CA-View - Encountering Difficulty when Transferring Tape Datasets to New Library


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Client is transferring CA View tape data from one library to another using the SARTCP program. 
Most of the datasets are being transferred without difficulty, however a few tapes cause the SARTCP job to abend, saying that the tape dataset is not found.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Had the client run the View SARTCHK job.
The SARTCHK output indicated that there are no tapes owned by View, which are not in the catalog.

The SARPAC REPORT output did not show any information on tape-in-question T0010187.
With that, View does not indicate that it owns the tape.

In a run of a View backup, 15 days later from when the tape was created, all reports on the tape were expired.
In that same backup, View went on to expire the tape.

In expiring a tape, View will request to MVS to scratch the tape.
Even if the tape is still somehow retained, as View had expired it, View will not recognize anything about the tape.

As a result, when the client went to run SARTCP against the tape, the tape showed as not found.