Creating new HEAT options in xFLOW
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Creating new HEAT options in xFLOW


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When trying to create/add  a new heat attribute into the "Default Heat Configuration for Incident"  for example  , it runs into the error , for example :



Release : 17.2



It doesn't put the correct information in Condition field here 


The correct information which should put into Condition field here should be :\'Office of Information Services\' 

When creating a new heat attribute , which provides the constraints for the ticket with its affected user is in 'Office of Information Services'  organization .

Here is the explaination about how to come up with this data constraint in service desk :

At the Service Desk Object layer , the SD requests/incidents/problems tickets , it is stored in cr object . so i did the following command to get output to check cr object's attributes on SD server machine :

bop_sinfo -a cr > cr.txt

using notepad to check cr.txt and find the following :

customer             SREL -> REQUIRED DISPLAY_NAME "Affected End User"

From above , you can see in cr object , customer attribute stores the information for a ticket's "affected end user" and it refers to cnt object . So do the following next :

bop_sinfo -a cnt > cnt.txt

and then examine cnt.txt and find the following :

organization         SREL -> DISPLAY_NAME "Organization"

From above , you can see that a contact ( i.e. the "affected end user" here )'s organization information is stored in organization attribute of cnt object and it refers to org object . and then do the following next :

bop_sinfo -a org > org.txt

to examine org.txt and find the following :

name                 STRING(100) REQUIRED DISPLAY_NAME "Organization"

From that , you see that the organization's name is stored in name attribute of org object .

So , by putting all above together , you know that : to retrieve ( or constraint ) the SD tickets with the "Affected End User" in the 'Office of Information Services' organization , you will need to use the following for it :\'Office of Information Services\'