14.3 environmental ImsTask Provisioning Delete User
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14.3 environmental ImsTask Provisioning Delete User


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I am currently working on a 14.3 upgrade from 14.2 in our Test environment.  I have a question on one of the OOTB environmental settings.  This would be for ImsTask ProvisioningDeleteUser.  The back up from our 14.2 environment is quite different from the upgrade 14.3 version where the action in the header line is set to "view" in our old 14.2 environment and it's set to "delete" in the 14.3 environment.  After that, the tab tag is different between both versions where 14.2 uses "userprofile" where 14.3 has a tabtag of "deleteuser."  I'm not quite sure where this task is executed within the tool and was hoping to maybe get some clarification on why they may be so different. 

We are running 14.3 with virtual appliance in our Test environment. 




The IM task was changed in 14.3 to ensure that any deletions occurring on the Prov Server would also delete the corresponding user in the IM Corporate Store.

The task is triggered by inbound synchronization from the Provisioning Server to the Identity Manager server.

There are no actions you need to take, as you can essentially ignore the differences in XML files.