TPX: /E INV=N does not override session definition for invisible


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Some user sessions are hard coded as INVISIBLE in Panelid - TEN0167 of the user maintenance panel. 
In order to display the invisible sessions, user enters command, 
    E INV=N     at the main menu command line. 
The previously invisible 'marked' sessions are not displayed, why? 


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for OS/390


Command /E INV=N  does not override the user/session setting for hard coded Invisible sessions  on the TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel (TEN0167). 

It does not change a preset invisible session to visible, but only if non-active sessions are visible or invisible on the main menu.  

INV=Y : ONLY ACTIVE sessions visible, all others INVISIBLE.
INV=N : List's ALL sessions assigned to your userid except those that are hard coded as invisible.   

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