Unable to Assign Resources to Task
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Unable to Assign Resources to Task


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


  • On the task list page, there is no Assign button to assign a user/resource to a task.
  • Sometimes this may be seen when trying to assign a new employee/resource where it was working previously 


All Clarity versions

Component : CA PPM Project Management


The following requirements are needed to see be able to assign a resource to a task:
1. The resource is on the project team
2. The task is not a milestone or summary task - This is per design/documentation which states "You cannot assign resources to milestone or summary tasks."


Step 1: Make sure the resources are added to the team

It will then allow the resources to be assigned to the created task.

Step 2: Make sure the Task is not a Milestone or Summary Task

  1. Check to see if the task is a summary task by reviewing the Gantt Chart.
  2. Check if the task is a milestone (milestone check box is checked on the task properties page) and if yes, uncheck it.
    • If assignments are already listed for the task even though it's a milestone, this indicates that the task unexpectedly was changed by MSP into a milestone.
      • Root cause of the task changing to a milestone may need to be investigated to prevent the task from changing back to a milestone again in MSP (See KB: 7476)
      • Clarity PPM will not allow further assignments on the milestone task but won't delete the existing assignments in this scenario

Additional Information

See the Assign Resources section of tecdocs