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Information field updated at Job Launch


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Some times the Jobs Launch information is changed without apparent reason.

When this happen, the behavior is as below :
- While the jobs is still in Launch Wait, Event Wait or Pending, the information field is set as requested (empty unless the user specified anything when running the Uproc).

- As soon as the job is started, the Information Field is updated with a value, which appears to always be the same (e.g the script name, the launch date, ...)

- This behavior occurs for every Uprocs on the same node (old ones and new ones)


This issue is related to a specific U_ANTE_UPROC (default Pre-Processing batch) on the node.
This batch is called everytime any uproc is Launched to run some Pre-Processing commands.

You may check in the Batch details for every uxset call which may update the information field.


For example :
ENV_CMD=`egrep "*.sh" ${S_UPROC}`
ENV_SHELL=`echo -e "${ENV_CMD}" | sed -e 's/\(^\)\(.*\)\(\/\)\(.*\.sh\)\(.*\)*/\4\5/g'`
$UNI_DIR_EXEC/uxset info value="${ENV_SHELL}"

The commands below will replace the Information field with the script name (without the path) at any Uproc startup.


Release : 6.0



Remove the unwanted lines from U_ANTE_UPROC batch.