Issue with enriching alerts in Event Policy


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We are trying to configure an Event Policy via the GUI to run an enrichment script in Powershell.

I have defined 3 Input parameters as follows:

Input Parameter     Assigned Value

=============       =============

script                          D:\CA\Scripts\Pager\bin\pager_to_file.ps1

hostname                  ${pattern1.AlertedMdrElementID}

summary                   ${pattern1.Summary}

When the script receives the parameter values the Summary field appears to be split up into separate space delimited arguments, this is despite it looking to be one field in the Preview field e.g.

In Event Policy Preview field:

hostname =

summary = Average over 1 samples total cpu is now 50.16%, which is equal to or above the threshold of 50%

The script sees this as:

hostname =

summary = Average

summary = over

summary = 1

summary = samples

summary = total

summary = cpu

summary = is

etc. etc.

I get the same results even if I enclose the Assigned value in double quotes i.e. "${pattern1.Summary}"

Is there any way I can overcome this issue? As I really need summary to be sent across to the script as a single field.


This is due to how powershell manages the arguments, it considers space as the delimiter


Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager 4.x


Since powershell considers space as the delimiter, we need to tweak this by using 3 double quotes as mentioned below for "Summary" alert attribute.