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ESF903/EDC5140I Broken pipe followed by ESF922 - Control Seq Error 1


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There are some reports in the queue, they're large reports and they are not coming out. 
Errors in the ESFLOG:

ESF903  File nnnn on printer PRT1  - Error occurred sending data. EDC5140I Broken pipe.
ESF922  File 438264 on printer AFI2BCA  - Control Seq Error 1    


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Spool


Including the TCPDRIV option "1" may solve this type of problem.
For example: TCPDRIV=LPR1

If using CA Spool 14.0 or later this option must be changed in the menu system, field "TCP Driver"
If using previous releases update the ESFPARM and issue the REINIT command.

Another possible cause for this same message is some sort of printer software/firmware error. It can occur if the printer storage is full and it is not able to receive any more data.