Supporting ca api gateway cluster in mixed mode 9.4 - 9.4cr03
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Supporting ca api gateway cluster in mixed mode 9.4 - 9.4cr03


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CA API Gateway API SECURITY CA API Gateway Precision API Monitoring Module for API Gateway (Layer 7) CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7) STARTER PACK-7 CA Microgateway


Do we fully support running 9.4 base and 9.4 cr03 on nodes in the same cluster.


Release : 9.4



Not all nodes can be upgraded at the same time.


No, all nodes should be at the same CR number and with same patches installed on each node to ensure proper functioning of a Gateway cluster in long term. The backward compatibility between releases/CRs is for dealing with rolling upgrade purposes only. Plan should be to upgrade all the nodes within the same cluster to the same version within a short period of time.

Backward compatibility between 9.4 base and 9.4 CR3 only means that cluster nodes of these mixed versions can communicate with each other during a rolling upgrade. However, it does not exclude a possibility that a particular customer policy may be affected by the defect fixes or enhancements provided in the CRs. For example, customer policy may rely on some specific Gateway behavior and defect fix provided in the CR might alter this behavior. Regardless of the chosen upgrade strategy we recommend to test all existing policies on a test/staging Gateway cluster 9.4 CR3 before doing the production environment upgrade.