Command Line Arguments Unavailable After Migration


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Previous versions of BlazeMeter once supported entering JMeter command line arguments via the BlazeMeter UI:

Today, no such option exists.


Some time ago, BlazeMeter upgraded from legacy version 3 (v3) to current version 4 (v4).  This upgrade included changing the platform BlazeMeter tests run on: Whereas v3 tests ran on the JMeter platform, v4 tests run on the Taurus platform.

Unfortunately, Taurus does not support JMeter command line arguments, therefore BlazeMeter by extension no longer supports this feature.

Any customer tests which previously had JMeter command line arguments configured will no longer have these settings in place after migrating to v4.


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JMeter allows for modifying script behavior via multiple methods, of which command line arguments are only one such method.  We recommend switching to another method to achieve the desired result.

E.g. often command line arguments would be used to pass parameters to JMeter using the -J switch. Blazemeter V4 offers the JMeter properties dialog to provide such parameters as described in

Additional Information

For more details regarding BlazeMeter's migration from the v3 JMeter platform to the v4 Taurus platform, please refer to the following product documentation: