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Planning for DevTest 10.6.0 Re-Hosting from Windows 2016 to Windows 2019


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


We are going to be re-hosting our DevTest 10.6.0 instance from Windows 2016 server to a Windows 2019 Server.

Can you give us some guidance on the re-hosting?




Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Make sure you shut down all the DevTest 10.6.0 components on the Windows 2016 first.

All you have to do is install DevTest 10.6.0 on your Windows 2019 server and then copy all the files from your DevTest 10.6.0 on the Windows 2016 to the DevTest 10.6.0 folder on the Windows 2019 server.

You will not even have to configure anything.  The DevTest on Windows 2019 will still connect to your existing databases.

Make sure you have all the needed ports open on the Windows 2019 machine.

Then start all the DevTest 10.6.0 components on the Windows 2019 server.

After everything comes up on the Windows 2019 machine, uninstall DevTest 10.6.0 on the Windows 2016 machine.

Then after the re-hosting is done, make sure you give all the users the new machine name for when they are connecting their Workstations to the new machine Registry and for the Portal as well.