Server name is incorrect in an alert when the alert is published in SOI


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


When we triggered a test alarm from the robot it showing correct server in Alarm subconsole but when the same alert moves to SOI the server name is changed with HUB name. we did rediscovery that server but its not working


- change in CI


Release : 8.51



There could be a mixup of the CI causing this. 

What is the results from this query:
select * from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where name = <system_name>

Select <system_name> in the USM inventory and then under Actions-> Delete Selected

DESELECT the three options noted below so that none are selected.

-Prevent rediscovery
-Acknowledge alarms
-Delete measurements

Then at <system_name> clear the niscache of all data. 

How to clear niscache on an individual robot

After that run the USM discovery wizard to rediscover the system.

If rediscovery did not work then follow these instructions:

UIM Connector development team verified uim connector logs, it is observed that When a CI does not exist for an alert or if the connector could not reach to the "computersystem" then it could have mapped this alarm to hub or robot then the CI maps to the primary hub. To avoid mapping of CIs to the primary hub, you can create ComputerSystem CIs based on the hostname property of the alarm. The process of creating CIs based on the hostname of the alarm is known as dynamic CI 

Please refer below wiki for enable this option in connector configuration file.