CMN-0009: Attribute 'Blueprint' has invalid Lookup Value when trying to update Blueprint value


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If there are more than 20 blueprints in the Clarity PPM Application, you are unable to edit/change the blueprint value for a Project, Idea or Custom Investment

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Under blueprint admin, generate over 20+ blueprints (it could be any combination of Projects, Ideas or Custom Investments)
  2. Go to either the Project, Idea or a Custom Investment grid, and try to update the Blueprint field

Expected Results:  You are able to update the blueprint field

Actual Results: You get the following error: CMN-0009: Attribute 'Blueprint' has invalid Lookup Value '5000002'

Here is the output in app-ca.log:

ERROR 2020-01-23 16:13:28,106 [http-nio-1080-exec-21] rest.validation (clarity:admin:..:PPM_REST_API) ODFResourceProvider :: Could not update resource. Object code alias: [ requestUrl: <Clarity URL> , _restResourceName : projects , _id : 5000000 , _parentInfo : null , _apiVersion : v1 , _includeLinksArray : true , _contextId : 5008000]
ERROR 2020-01-23 16:13:28,106 [http-nio-1080-exec-21] rest.validation (clarity:admin:..:PPM_REST_API) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not update resource. Resource name: projects. Error code: validation.lookupValueInvalid Error message: CMN-0009: Attribute 'Blueprint' has invalid Lookup Value '5000002'


This issue is caused by: DE52877


Release : 15.7.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This issue is fixed in Clarity (15.7.1 patch 2) and Clarity PPM 15.8

Workaround: For Projects & Ideas only: Change the Blueprint value via Classic PPM
    1. Go to Home->Projects (Or Ideas, to change Idea blueprint value)
    2. Add Blueprints to the project list view
    3. Double click on the Blueprint field for the project you want to update, select the preferred Blueprint
    4. Click Save
Note: For Custom Investments, there is no workaround

Additional Information

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See KB: 187619 - How do I determine my Clarity PPM / Patch version?