How to change the REST user password for CA Help Desk Connector
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How to change the REST user password for CA Help Desk Connector


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


I encrypted the password using admin cmd and updated the SOI_REST_PASSWORD in the file and got the following error:

2020-01-31 14:01:10,456 ERROR [ActionService] escalation.UniversalHelpDesk.authenticate(202)  - authenticate::Error in authentication:Bad parameters: Invalid IV length. Should be 16 Bad parameters: Invalid IV length. Should be 16

at com.rsa.cryptoj.f.p.a(Unknown Source)



Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


Here is how to change the REST User password for CA Help Desk connector:

- Encrypt the new password using the encrypter.bat file

  Open a DOS window and cd to \CA\SOI\Tools\CatalystEncrypt folder then run

  encrypter <new password>

- Copy the new encrypted password in to a notepad

- Edit CA\SOI\tomcat\lib\resources\

- Go to the line "SOI_REST_PASSWORD=" and replace the current encrypted password with the new one.

- Save the file.

- You'll have to recycle the CA SOI Application and CA_NIM_HelpDesk_Server(tomcat) services for the change to take affect.

Additional Information

If you are using basic authentication and you want to add a new user, you must add that user to EEM first.

Using the user name and password (Basic authentication)

The user name and password are sent in the form of the Basic HTTP authentication in the HTTP header.

The password is encoded by using Base64 encoding and can be easily decoded; therefore, this type of authentication is supported over a secure SSL channel (HTTPS protocol).

For a typical CA SOI installation, it is port 7403, for example, https://server:7403/rest/.

Note: Only CA EEM users have access to CA SOI REST API. Therefore the samuser user is not able to access the REST API.