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FDM Throws Connection Error on Portal Execution but can connect in FDM App Itsel


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When attempting to run jobs through the portal that include staging, FDM is throwing a DB connection error.

attempting to connect 
Using URL:jdbc:sqlserver://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>;DatabaseName=<DATABASE> 
Database service has not started 
or supplied connection parameters are incorrect: <PATH\connect_file.txt>
exit value = 1 

However, when launching FDM we can connect to the DB using the same connection profile.
This issue is happening on the new V2 installation but not on the current V1 infrastructure. 


Test Data Manager
TDM Portal
Fast Data Masker


The behavior and the error message were both a bit misleading.
Based on the error and the behavior, Engineering suspected an issue resolving the hostname of the SQL Server, or a network issue impacting the connection request.

We were able to use the Sysinternal ProcMon utility to capture the working path request that Java was using from a successful masking job using the FDM UI.

Engineering compared that to the request being made from the batch file.
The working path is loading the entire FDM lib directory, and the batch file is not.
Engineering checked the Fastdatamasker.jar manifest and noticed there is not a dependency for the mssql jar. Since the sqljdbc_auth.dll is located in the install directory of FDM, Engineering had us try setting the path to the FDM directory for the command line session, and the batch ran successfully.

Engineering explained two possible options for resolving this issue.

1) Add the FDM install path to the system PATH environmental variable.
2) Add the following to the batch files as the 1st line:

set path=%path%;F:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker