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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Test Match for Digital Billing is taking too long to complete.

We have one of our datapools that has started having really long Testmatch times.  Around 20 minutes to complete.  When we run what we think the query is we come back with data in 43 seconds.  So we were wondering what could be slowing the process down, so we can try to make this better for the tester as we have a limit of 5 minutes to get the data back to them.  



There is a log with the jobid zip file that contains more information.
All the delay is caused by queries made against their view. Engineering recommends adding indexes to help speed the queries up.

Engineering has added a fix delivered in TestMatch- patch that will also help by bypassing the queries that aren't reported anywhere else. 


Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The TestMatch- patch. It doesn't contain an installer. The patch simply overlays the existing TestMatch file structure with new files.

To install:
1. Place the TestMatch- file in the directory of your choice on the 4.8 GT Datamaker server.
2. Open a file explorer and navigate to the installation directory of Datamaker. For example: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker
3. Make a backup of the existing TestMatch directory, or rename the directory to TestMatch.old.
4. If you renamed the existing TestMatch directory, make a new TestMatch directory
5. Extract the TestMatch- contents into the new TestMatch directory (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker\TestMatch)

To enable the new behavior the configuration file needs to be updated:
1. Open a File Explorer and navigate to the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker\TestMatch directory
2. Locate the 'TestMatch.exe.config' file and open this file for edit.
3. Modify line 11 which should read <add key="GenerateTestConditionReport" value="Y" /> so that it reads as <add key="GenerateTestConditionReport" value="N" />
4. Save the changes to the file.

Additional Information

TDM 4.9 will contain this fix as well.