Spectrum event 0x5c40017 generated millions of times


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Due to a significant growth in our DDM size, we evaluated the top 20 event codes by occurrence on two of our landscapes.  The #1 logged event is 0x5c40017, which appears to be some duplication alarm related to CAPM IPDomains.  What is the significance of this event?

0x5c40017 - Model {S 1} cannot be added in this IP Domain as it is already part of another IP Domain.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This event is for informational purposes.  It is generated when there is a model that matches more than 1 search criteria in the IP Domain GC for Performance Center.  A device can only be part of one IP Domain.  If search criteria matches a model already in an IP Domain, this event is generated.  Also, this event can generate more often if you are destroying/remodeling models often.

You can disable this event from logging in Spectrum if you verify:

1. You correctly see the right device is added to the IP Domain GC
2.  It’s syncing to PC fine and consolidating to DA device successfully

To disable the logging, in Spectrum OneClick, select Tools-Utilities - Event Configuration.
Filter for event  0x5c40017
Select the "Event Options" tab
Deselect the "Store Event in Historical Database"
Save the change.