How to disable and uninstall the Password Synchronization Agent


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We configured Password Sync Agent in CA IDM during the installation but it's never used and we plan is to remove the Pwd Sync Agents.

Our questions,

    1. Is Self Password Reset/Unlock is reliant on the Password Sync Agent?
    2. how you can disable first, then uninstall later?
    3. Any risk in doing this?



The PSYNC Agent is not involved in the password change tasks initiated from Identity Manager. Therefore, you can disable/uninstall it if you do not need to synchronize passwords from Active Directory to Identity Manager.

You can disable the agent by setting it to disabled in the config file This will bypass the use of the sync agent until you uninstall the agent and reboot the domain controller.

To uninstall the agent use the Windows add/remove programs. Remove the program name containing "PSYNC."