What is the difference between UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) installers?
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What is the difference between UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) installers?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What is the difference between UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) installers?

CA Unified Infrastructure Mgmt Network Advanced Pack - On Prem MULTI-PLATFORM
CA Unified Infrastructure Mgmt Server and Application Pack - On Prem MULTI-PLATFORM
CA Unified Infrastructure Mgmt Server Pack - On Prem
CA Unified Infrastructure Mgmt Storage Pack - On Prem MULTI-PLATFORM

Can anybody explain?


Any UIM Version


Please find the following information from the attached Probe List Descriptions by Pack.

1. Server Pack
Monitors core server metrics and resources at the basic OS level. Provides base virtualization monitoring for VMware, XenServer, HyperV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, IBM VM and Solaris Zones environments. Also includes the ability to "ping" the server from the Nimsoft Monitor management server to determine up/down state. One license per monitored server.

- Core server metric probes: net_connect, cdm, dirscan, diskstat, fetchmsg, fsmounts, history, iostat, jobqs, jobs, jobsched, journal, logmon, net_traffic, netware, nexec, ntevl, ntperf, ntservices, outqs, perfmon, printers, processes, reboot, rsp, sysstat, tcp_proxy, xmlparser (licensed per server OS monitored – Examples: 1 license per physical windows server, 1 license per Windows virtual server hosted in HyperV)
- Virtualization probes: vmware, xenserver, zones, rhev, hyperv, ibmvm, xendesktop (licensed per physical server monitored – Ex: 1 license per ESX host)

2.Server and Application Pack
Extends monitoring beyond the server pack with applications, databases, web application environment, public cloud service monitoring and more. One license required per monitored server (Physical or Virtual).
- All probes in the Server Pack
- Application probes: ad_server, adevl, cloudstack, exchange_monitor, exchange_monitor_backend, exchange_monitor_reports, lync_monitor, sharepoint, notes_server, ica_server, ocs_monitor, cluster.
- Response time probes: ad_response, email_response, ews_response, exchange_response, ica_response, jdbc_response, notes_response, sql_response.
- Public cloud service probes: aws, azure, googleAppEngine, google_apps, rackspace, salesforce
- Web application environment probes: iis, jboss, jdbc_response, jmx, jvm_monitor, tomcat, weblogic, websphere, apache, easerver
- Database probes: db2, informix, mysql, sqlserver, sybase, sybase_rs, oracle, oracle_logmon
- Cisco Call Manager, Unified Communications and VOIP probes: ccm_monitor, cisco_ucm, cisco_unity
- Environmental probe: temperature
- Cisco UCS: cisco_ucs
  > Specific probe for monitoring the Cisco UCS series chassis and included elements. Provides monitoring of physical and network elements within the UCS chassis. Licensed by the UCS Cluster (UCS Cluster as defined within this Cisco document: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Data_Center/VMDC/vmdcDdg11.pdf .
  > Does not include detailed monitoring for servers (physical blades or virtual) within the UCS chassis. Additional packs required to gain this functionality.

3.Ping Pack
Network device status (up or down). Licensed per device monitored.
- Probes: net_connect

4.Network Advanced Pack
Extends the Ping Pack with advanced alerting and reporting. Licensed per device monitored.
- Probes: net_connect, interface_traffic, snmp_collector, snmptoolkit, snmpget, cisco_monitor, cisco_nxos, cisco_qos and saa_monitor.

5.Storage Pack
Provides monitoring of storage solutions – currently supporting EMC, NetApp, IBM and Hitachi storage solutions. Licensed per terabyte of storage.
- Probes: celerra, clariion, vmax, netapp, hitachi, ibm_dsk4,ibm-ds


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