Synchronization Failure between CA Spectrum and CA Performance Center
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Synchronization Failure between CA Spectrum and CA Performance Center


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The following error was found in the Spectrum Tomcat log file:

(http-nio-8080-exec-22) (NetqosSyncLog) - (ERROR) - pushRequest failed:
Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "2173368368"

A similar error is shown in the CAPC log file \CA\Performance\DM\wrapper-*.log:

| ERROR | pool-2-thread-4          | 2020-01-23 00:02:42,682 |                 
| Data source Spectrum Infrastructure [email protected] encountered an error while processing a sync request.  The problem is in the data source, not CAPC.  Check the logs for the data source to determine the cause of the problem.  The following stack trace shows the context of the sync request:
| For input string: "2173368368"


Spectrum Release : 10.4
PM release 3.7



2173368368 is an invalid UNIX_TIMESTAMP in the CAPM netqosportal Database


Run the following script to gather the CAPC documentation:

Broadcom TechDocs : CAPM 3.7.x - Unable to Resolve Issue

Open the netqosportal.sql file and find the "2173368368" in order to know the table name, example:

LOCK TABLES `dst_domain` WRITE;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `dst_domain` DISABLE KEYS */;
INSERT INTO `dst_domain` VALUES (3,'2','ip',3,1,1579647225,2173368368,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `dst_domain` ENABLE KEYS */;

In this case the table is "dst_domain"

Then  follow these steps to update the changedon row:

  1. Launch the MySQL command prompt

    # mysql -u<user> -p<password> netqosportal​

    Where <user> is the username and <password> is the password to login to MySQL server, and netqosportal is the database name.

  2. Run the following MySQL queries:

    mysql> select from_unixtime(changedon) from dst_domain;
    mysql> update dst_domain set changedon=UNIX_TIMESTAMP();
    mysql> select from_unixtime(changedon) from dst_domain;​

    Note: Repeat the procedure for whole tables found in netqosportal.sql file

  3. On the CAPC web page -> Administration -> Data Sources, select "Spectrum Infrastructure Manager" and Perform a Full Resynchronization