Vantage Task error VAUFD101 denied access to FILES
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Vantage Task error VAUFD101 denied access to FILES


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager DISK UNIX Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


Starting the Vantage Task, it can hang with the following error in the MSGE log:


20031 09:49:49 VAUFD101 User=usernme  denied access to DSN=local.dsname.FILES
 20031 09:49:49 VAUFD101 User=usernme denied access to DSN=local1.dsname.FILES
 20031 09:49:49 GENFILER UNKNOWN ERROR 2, RCGET=12


Any possible bypass?


Release : All

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The above error message usually means that the involved datasets are not defined to the Security Product, while the Environment is in FAIL MODE to the Security Product, so every unprotected resource is unauthorized.

The solution is to define the involved datasets to the Security Product with the correct access level and restart the Vantage Task.