UIM - Netapp_Ontap Probe cannot see Vol's in different vservers with the same name


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We've have noticed an issue with the Netapp_Ontap probe that is causing us to not be able to monitor customers Volumes with the same name.

One of our customers noticed we didnt alert on a Vol that filled up and went offline, after some investigation and various restartes of the probe we discovered the probe cannot see Volumes with the same name - regardless if they are on seperate VServers.


UIM version 9.20
Robot version (where netapp_ontap is running) 9.20
Robot Server O/S (where netapp_ontap is running) RedHat 6 (also detected on another customer running RedHat 7)
Robot Server Hardware Specs (where netapp_ontap is running) Vm running 2 x vCPU’s & 6GB RAM
netapp_ontap probe version 1.21
NetApp Data ONTAP Clusters


Please contact Support to request netapp_ontap.zip HF provided by development via DE444078

Please find the attached test build fix from our development team. 

1. Deactivate the previous probe instance. 

2. Import the attached build into your local archive. 

3. Deploy the test build on top of the existing instance.