How to tell if the Timesheet Data Extract Job has been run, if there is no log record of it?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


There is no log record present for a custom "Timesheet Data Extraction" Job, which it is believed to have been manually run a few hours ago.

Is it possible to check the database to see if the job has run?

The concern is that running the job again might overwrite existing data.


Release : 15.6.1 and others.

Component : CA PPM On-Premise and SaaS.


On-Premise sites can check with this query against the database. SaaS customers should contact Broadcom Support or use another approach to query the system.

select name,JOB_DEFINITION_ID,START_DATE,SCHEDULE_DATE from CMN_SCH_JOBS where name like 'Timesheet Data Extraction%' and start_date > to_date('2019/10/01','YYYY/MM/DD')

The result shows that this job was last run on January 6th.

It may have been possible that the user hit "RETURN" instead of "SUBMIT," as the Job was manually run.