AXA SAAS not collecting Screen Capture


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


We are using AXA SAAS environment. We have configured an Application for Android and IOS.
Application is collecting metrics good for both android and IOS, but it is not collecting Screen Capture for IOS. It is collecting Screen Capture for android.
We have enabled the option to collect the Screen Capture in the profile. 

SDK log is showing the following message:

[INFO] [CA MAA] *** CA Mobility App Analytics is Disabled *** 
[VERBOSE] [CA MAA] EncryptionLog : NEW Model - Encrypting with Global AES Key encrypted value , where Global AES key is encrypted by public RSA Key, gk is in header :: GlobalAES->RSA->{v} prf 
[VERBOSE] [CA MAA] Name is empty for the method viewLoaded: 
[INFO] [CA MAA] *** CA Mobility App Analytics is Enabled ***


Release : SAAS



As per the log, it seems like application is not setting the “titles” for View’s in the application even for the root view controller.
By default, the SDK gets the title that is set to the View Controller, else it gets the title from its parent and captures the screenshot based on the title.

But this scenario SDK failed to capture the screenshot because of View Controller title as well as parent title is empty. 

In the current SDK we are giving the “SDKFixedViewTitles” option -This option enables the SDK to set the class name of the View Controller as the title and capture the screenshot without failure.

If application is not supposed to add “titles” throughout the application then please use the “SDKFixedViewTitles” option while initializing the SDK.

Ex: [CAMDOReporter initializeSDKWithOptions:SDKLogLevelVerbose | SDKFixedViewTitles completionHandler:nil];