TCP ports for Dollar Universe and Univiewer
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TCP ports for Dollar Universe and Univiewer


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We need to open some port on our firewall to allow the communication between univiewer and a $U instance.

On which ports does communication take place and in what direction?


Release : 6.0



Dollar Universe Base Port:

Dollar Universe reserves 19 consecutive TCP port numbers.

The default range starts at 10600 and goes up to 10618 (base port number). It is attributed as shown in the table below:

In a typical installation only the Production Area (X) is enabled, in this case only ports 10600, 10604, 10605, 10611, 10615 and 10618 are actually used.

If the sequence 10600 to 10618 is unavailable, click the Custom Value radio button and enter an alternative base port number (with the 19 free consecutive TCP port numbers).

The best way to make two Dollar Universe nodes communicate is indeed to open this port range (10600-10615) in both directions between the two Dollar Universe nodes.


  • It is no longer required that nodes within the “same Company” share the same TCP port sequence to be able to communicate.
  • Node information is maintained centrally on the UVMS and regularly synchronized across all Dollar Universe Application Servers.

UVMS Port :

By default, communications with UVMS use the port 4184. This is the default port number. It will need to be open in both directions:

This port should be open for outward communications on UniViewer Console machine.

The port will also need to be open for incoming communications on the UVMS machine.

You can consult the following documentation and community pages for more information: