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CA VM:Tape 2.0 - How to Apply PTF SO00891


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VM:Tape for z/VM


Attempting to apply CA VM:Tape 2.0 PTFs published after RSU-1801 (PTF SO00935), VMSES/E reports the PTF(s) cannot be applied because PTF SO00891 is a pre-requisite and is not applied.


PTF SO00891 is installed by installing CA VM:Tape 2.0 RSU-1801 (PTF SO00935) and you do not have RSU-1801 installed.


Install CA VM:Tape 2.0 RSU-1801 (PTF SO00935); then install the PTF(s) that require PTF SO00891.

  • For PTF SO00935 (RSU-1801) follow the Install procedure "Installing a Product RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade)"
  • For all other PTFs follow the Install procedure "Servicing Your Product"