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Can 1 minute polled data be rolled up to 5 minute samples in Performance Management


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We are polling at 1 minute. Network team is asking if it is possible to roll up data to 5 min after x days. They want to keep the data as granular as possible.

Is there any way to control the rollup of 1 minute as-polled data samples into 5 minute as-polled data samples?


No code exists for a rollup from 1 minute as-polled data to 5 minute as-polled data points.


All supported Performance Management releases


This would be an Enhancement request.

The 1 minute polled data is stored in the *_rate (as-polled) tables, same tables 5 minute as-polled is stored in.

Views can be set to use 1 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute resolutions, etc. We'll take the 1 minute polled samples for items polled at that rate, and create temporary rolled up values for the report being run. These aren't stored anywhere, just generated for the report.

If the users just want to see 5 minute resolution in Views, for items polled at the 1 minute rate, set the resolution of Views to 5 minutes and they'll see the same thing. 5 minute data points consisting of temporarily rolled up 1 minute data points.