User cannot access Spectrum Oneclick after name change
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User cannot access Spectrum Oneclick after name change


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Users cannot access the Spectrum Onelick administration page or GUI with the following error shown

SPC-OCA-10474: Invalid user name and or password.

The user has license and access to all landscapes as seen from OC user tab and the user exists and has rights via CLI on the SpectroSERVER.


DX NetOps Spectrum 20.2 or later


Checking on the command line using user account X215640 as an example:

[[email protected] vnmsh]$ ./show models | grep X215640

0xda91461 X215640 (Active) 0x10004 User

Using the Model_Handle of the user returned above (the first field), verify the attributes are set to this name:

[[email protected] vnmsh]$ ./show attributes mh=0xda91461 | grep X215640

0x1006e   Model_Name   X215640

0x101f3   User_ID      X215640

Verify there is no space in the name by updating these attribute values as follows:

[[email protected] vnmsh]$ ./update mh=0xda91461 attr=0x1006e,val="X215640"

Id Name   Iid          Value

0x1006e   Model_Name   X215640


[[email protected] vnmsh]$ ./update mh=0xda91461 attr=0x101f3,val="X215640"

Id Name   Iid          Value

0x101f3   User_ID      X215640

If the model name is updated but the user still has no privileges, restart the tomcat service as the tomcat cache will need to be reset.