SpectrumGTW integration Showing wrong IP's on UIM Side for Network devices
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SpectrumGTW integration Showing wrong IP's on UIM Side for Network devices


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have some network devices on Spectrum Side using the right IP address but showing a different IP address on UIM Side 

I already did a full clean-up using the callback to remove all master devices, also did a clean up on Spectrum Gateway probe, ems and trellis cache.

The device inventory synchronization from Spectrum to UIM is discovering the device with the incorrect IP in UIM side.


Release : 9.2.0



Wrong Primary Address (0x12d80) attribute value set on the device model in the Spectrum side.

The Unmanaged Trap Discovery feature is enabled in Spectrum, and at the time the device sent a trap to Spectrum, a wrong bind IP was provided,
  hence the Spectrum modeled the device with that IP and also set the same IP in the Primary Address field. Afterward, the customer manually
  changed the Network Address to the correct managed IP, but the Primary Address was not updated.

The spectrumgtw probe forwards the Address (0x12d80) attribute value to UIM, not the Network Address attribute value.

The Spectrum Gateway is forwarding the wrong Primary Address to discover the device in UIM side.


Need to manually change the Primary Address value in IP Redundancy subview. 
Delete the device with wrong IP in USM/Portal. Once the device is rediscovered in UIM side, it will now have the correct managed IP.