Can no longer deploy robots through USM
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Can no longer deploy robots through USM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have been successfully deploying robots through USM however this appears to have suddenly stopped working.

We see the following message in Robot Deployment Status :

com.hierynomus.smbj.common.SMBRuntimeException: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.hierynomus.smbj.common.SMBRuntimeException: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException:....

In the automated_deployment_engine.log, found complete error message: 

01202020 18:13:50,385 [AsyncTracker] WARN  AsyncTracker - JobHandle->{id:1b9640811b604b96b629d31194c558bc, taskId:553} not found. Excluding update TrackerUpdate{jobId='1b9640811b604b96b629d31194c558bc', taskId=553, target='beaadc10', strStageName='', status=FAILED, description='com.hierynomus.smbj.common.SMBRuntimeException: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.hierynomus.smbj.common.SMBRuntimeException: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException: Packet signature for packet SMB2_CREATE with message id << 4 >> was not correct', descriptionArgs='', taskUpdateType=EXCEPTION, origin='null'}



Release : 9.1.0

Component : UIM - ADE


It was found that the group of servers to which robot deployment were failing were connected via a WAN optimizer (from riverbed).

Other deployments that worked successfully were not connected through the optimizer.

Archive packages have a CRC check and if that is tampered with then it will not be used.

In this case the robots were manually installed