CA Dispatch VOVMI310 screen's DELETE function
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CA Dispatch VOVMI310 screen's DELETE function


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


What type of external security rules would be required to prevent CA Dispatch users from deleting reports out of Online Viewing from the "VOVMI310 - Online Viewing Report Selection Screen, Recipient" screen? 


Release : 11.6 and 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


- By setting up the users with an Installation Code of (CARCP,X) on their "VSGMU235 - Sysgen User Recipient Screen" screen, these users will ONLY have access to the reports in Online Viewing via the VOVMI310 screen.

- DELETE functions performed on the VOVMI310 screen are known as "soft deletes". A "soft delete" ONLY deletes the reports from the users DISPLAY of their available reports. (i.e. The report is deleted from that users selection list of reports).

- Soft deletes DO NOT actually delete the reports out of Dispatch Online Viewing.

- Reports deleted on the VOVMI310 screen via a "Soft deleted" can be restored to the list of available reports for that user by typing RES up in the command line on the VOVMI310 screen.

Considering the above, there would be no need to define EXTERNAL SECURITY rules to prevent users from physically deleting report data out of CA Dispatch Online Viewing. And, the Installation Code CARCP,X will prevent the users from accessing to the "VOVMI010 - View Report Selection Screen" screen, where, if you perform a DELETE on the VOVMI010 screen, the report WILL be removed from Dispatch online viewing.