Running APCDDS job and receive a SC03 abend?
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Running APCDDS job and receive a SC03 abend?


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APCDDS Automated Report Balancing


When upgrading your operating system or setting up a new LPAR that has APCDDS executing and you start seeing SC03 abends in various executions how can this be resolved?




The SC03 is a result of an LMP validation error. Sometimes the task will continue a step further than it should, depending on how the various APCDDS database updates are concatenated and processed.

The SC03 abend is caused by a VSAM data set being left OPEN. The reason the file is left OPEN is because of the LMP error.

You should have seen the following message in the MTRACE of the dump that is generated:

  CAS9180E - CPU nnnnnn Requires a LMP key to run Prod (TK)

Please submit the CAIRIM task to reload the LMP product codes. If your code is not valid please contact Customer Support and request a new LMP product KEY.