Alarm Definition missing from MCS Enhanced Profile
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Alarm Definition missing from MCS Enhanced Profile


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are configuring an MCS Enhanced Profile for the snmpget probe and the MCS dialog does not show the "Metric Collection and Alarm Definition" section as described in below documentation under Step 5. 

Create snmpget Configuration Profiles - 

This problem is occurring in our UIM 9.2.0 environment. 


UIM 9.2.0
snmpget 2.01
snmpget_mcs_templates 2.02
mon_config_service 9.20HF2


As of mon_config_service v9.02 a new key "policy_mode_enabled" has been added to the probe configuration with default value "true" defined. This parameter decides what sections are displayed in the UMP UI for metrics and alarm definition configuration (for enhanced profiles). 

- If the value is true, the Metrics section is displayed in the UI for metrics configuration. 

- If the value is false, the Metric Collection and Alarm Definition section is displayed for metrics and alarms configuration. The Metric Collection and Alarm Definition section includes Metrics, Alarms, and Time Over Threshold sections.

High level overview of the process (with policy_mode_enabled = true): 

1. Create an Enhacned MCS Profile via MCS. 
2. Enable the snmpget metrics in question. 
3. Access the Operator Console -> Settings -> Alarm Policies. 
4. Select the snmp/snmpget entry (default alarms) -> Add Condition -. Create your new / custom Alarms and Alarm Threshold for the require metric. 

**Note: If you do NOT want to use Operator Console Alarm Policies, you can disable this feature**

Following the below steps will deactivate alarm policies via the Operator Console and enable alarm configuration via UMP MCS. 

If you change the value to false, you must follow these additional steps:

1. Disable all alarm policies in Operator Console.

2. In UMP, perform the required actions depending on the following scenarios: 

- For the migrated profiles (non-enhanced) that are converted to enhanced profiles, open the profile and save it again.
- For the newly created enhanced profiles, open the enhanced profile, provide threshold values, and save the enhanced profile.

See the "Can I change the policy_mode_enabled value to false?" under Frequently Asked Questions section of the following documentation, for more information: 

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