How to best alert on traffic drop - CAPM or Spectrum?


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We are using both Spectrum and CAPC.

Could you advise on which tool would be the best to get alerts (alarms) when the traffic on a router interface suddenly drops from something non zero to something null or very close to null?

Should we use a Spectrum watch? e.g. using the DELTA function?

Does it have a cost performance-wise?

Or would CAPC offer a more convenient way to get the same result and how?


Release : 10.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectro watches are best used sparingly as they can have a huge hit on performance of the SpectroSERVER if placed on too many models and the number of interfaces in larger environments can be enormous.  

There are also some limitations to watches such as not being able to use list attributes in a watch.  

It is preferable to use the Events in CAPC to monitor and alarm on threshold breach.

Please review the details here: 

Using Events
Some typical reasons to view events include the following scenarios.
Troubleshoot Performance Issues
To troubleshoot performance issues with a specific device, you can filter the events to that device. The Events view filters the complete list of events to display only events for the selected device.
Monitor Thresholds

Thresholds are configured to generate events for specified devices, components, or groups. Use these events to track when the monitored devices do not meet operating requirements. 

and here: