Sticky Sessions support with OM Web Viewer 12.1
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Sticky Sessions support with OM Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


The environment is multiple application servers with an F5 load balanced url to point to the application servers.

Does OM Web Viewer support the sticky sessions across the multiple app servers or is it just high availability, If sticky sessions are supported, where can documentation be found on how to implement them?



  • Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
  • F5 Network load balancer


OM Web Viewer 12. itself does not support configuring persistence (Sticky Sessions) as this is a part of the load balancer configuration/setup.

However it must be ENABLED when load balancing 2 or more servers.

For support of sticky session configuration please refer to the load balancer support pages.

Additional Information

Persistence—otherwise known as stickiness—is a technique implemented by ADCs to ensure requests from a single user are always distributed to the server on which they started.

Some load balancing products and services describe this technique as “sticky sessions”, which is a completely appropriate moniker.

Persistence has long been used in load balancing SSL/TLS-enabled sites because once the negotiation process—a compute intensive one—has been completed and keys exchanged, it would significantly degrade performance to start the process again. Thus, ADCs implemented SSL session persistence to ensure that users were always directed to the same server to which they first connected

source: Cookies, Sessions, and Persistence