Questions on and VSE_2014 Folder


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Service Virtualization


When we install DevTest10.4 Server on UNIX Server, the installation gets completed. But when we look into home directory of the installation folder, file is missing and also vseDeploy folder has created a folder null_0. As per our understanding it created VSE_2013 under vseDeploy


 Is it expected behavior ?



Release : 10.4

Component : CA Service Virtualization


You will not ever see a _lisa,properties file in the DEVTEST_HOME folder, only a file.

Any file with an _ in front of it is a template for that properties file.

Below is what we deliver for templates:


If you need to configure one and/or more, you would copy the _ file to the file name without the underscore.

The folder null_0 under the DEVTEST_HOME is normal to be created.

VSE_2013 folder will get created when you start the VSE.