Updating a vendor cert OID
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Updating a vendor cert OID


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We have a custom vendor cert where the OID is wrong and needs to be changed.  How can we change the OID to reflect the correct value for our metric


CAPM 3.x


Using a REST Client:

1. Go to http://DA:8581/typecatalog/certifications/snmp/extension/<VC internal name> using a "GET" method in the REST client
- where <VC internal name> is the internal name of the vendor cert you want to change
2. Copy the output to a text editor like Notepad ++
3. Make the appropriate changes to the OID's in question and then update the vendor cert by using a "PUT" method against the URL from step #1

Additional Information

For a custom vendor cert you can update the vendor cert.  However, you can not do this to an out of the box cert.  To change an out of the box cert you must do an extension