UIM - Probe Configuration Report
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UIM - Probe Configuration Report


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need help to get a report that can list details of the settings for the cdm probe for all the hosts. 

How can I generate a report of all probe configurations? 


  • Release: UIM 9.x, 20.x.x
  • Component: UIM - Infrastructure Manager


By default, each hub provides a 'Probe Configurations report.exe' in the bin directory:

...\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin


Choose the 'Probe Configurations report' and click the button to run it




Additional Information

This out of the box IM Report is limited for CDM, NTEVL,NTSERVICES, PROCESSES probes. 

Other than this out-of-the-box report you can check the Broadcom community for field-developed/custom solutions.

Here are two posts that you may find helpful:

UIM Probe Configuration Report (check the comments section and download the probe).


and a script that can be run as well:

--The following script will save each probes configuration by section->key->value into the Nimsoft database and the table probe_audit. If you have a small environment, this can be run from the 
-- NAS. If not, you will need to uncomment the nimbus.login and run it from the NSA.

-- Nimsoft Environment Audit -- Login so that I can run this from the command line -- Comment out if running from NAS -- nimbus.login("administrator","nimsoft") -- Initialize the SQLite database --database.open("NimsoftEnviromentAudit.db") -- Initialize the NIS database database.open("provider=nis;database=nis;driver=none") -- Drop the table query = "DROP TABLE probe_audit" printf("DB QUERY -> %s",query) database.query(query) -- And re-create it so that it's empty query = "CREATE TABLE probe_audit (id integer primary key, hub varchar(255), robot varchar(255), ip varchar(255), probe varchar(255), section varchar(255), key varchar(255), value text);" printf("DB QUERY -> %s",query) database.query(query) -- Populate the audit table with probe configuration information -- Start by getting a list of the hubs printf("NIM REQUEST -> %s %s","hub","gethubs") local gethubs = nimbus.request("hub","gethubs") if gethubs ~= nil then      for i,hub in pairs(gethubs.hublist) do           -- Get a list of robots from each hub           --printf("NIM REQUEST -> %s %s",hub.addr,"getrobots")           local getrobots = nimbus.request(hub.addr,"getrobots")           if getrobots ~= nil then                for j,robot in pairs(getrobots.robotlist) do                     -- Get some information from each robot                     --printf("NIM REQUEST -> %s %s",robot.addr.."/controller","probe_list")                     local probe_list = nimbus.request(robot.addr.."/controller","probe_list")                     if probe_list ~= nil then                          for k,probe in pairs(probe_list) do                               -- Get some information from each probe                               args = pds.create()                   pds.putString(args,"name",probe.name)                   --printf("NIM REQUEST -> %s %s",robot.addr.."/controller","probe_list")                               local probe_config_get = nimbus.request(robot.addr.."/controller","probe_config_get",args)                               if probe_config_get ~= nil then                                    for section,tableid in pairs(probe_config_get) do                         for key,value in pairs(probe_config_get[section]) do                            -- And dump the config file in the DB for later use                            query = sprintf("INSERT INTO probe_audit (hub,robot,ip,probe,section,key,value) VALUES ('%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s');",hub.name,robot.name,robot.ip,probe.name,section,key,value)                            printf("DB QUERY -> %s",query)                            database.query(query)                                         end                                    end                               end                   -- Commit our changes to the DB after each probe                   query = "COMMIT TRANSACTION;"                   printf("DB QUERY -> %s",query)                   database.query(query)                          end                     end                end           end      end end -- Commit our changes to the DB query = "COMMIT TRANSACTION;" printf("DB QUERY -> %s",query) database.query(query) -- Close the database and return database.close() return