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CSV Export for Daily Resolution missing data in Performance Management


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When creating Views with Trend data using Daily resolution there are no gaps in the charts.

When exporting the data from the same Views to CSV, there is a missing data point.

The missing data point is always the day before or 'yesterday'. For example a report against Last 14 Days, run on the 14th of the month, would be expected to contain data points for the last 14 days being the 1st through the 14th.

When viewing the CSV there is no data point for the 13th day in this example.

If the same report is run on the 28th day of the month, the CSV export will be missing the data point for the 27th day.


Performance Management releases r3.7.8 and earlier.


Incorrect CSV data formatting in export when using daily rollup data in Daily Resolution.


This is resolved with code change in the new r3.7.9 release of Performance Management. Please upgrade to this release for a solution.

Additional Information

At the time this Knowledge Base article was created the expected release for r3.7.9 is end of February, which is subject to change.