How are CA View Report Retentions Assigned?
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How are CA View Report Retentions Assigned?


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The CA View Report Retentions, shown in the "Remaining Disk" and "Remaining" columns in the  Sysout Selection List, are established when a report is collected and are decremented at each View backup.

How are CA View report retentions assigned?


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  • When a report is first collected, before it is backed up for the first time, the "Remaining Disk" Gens and "Remaining" Gens columns will be populated with the values from the SARINIT NGEND and NGENT parameters, respectively. 
  • Those fields are populated with those values, as those are the only retention values that View knows of before the report is first backed up. 
  • Once the report is backed up, the proper retention values (either via ERO or NGEND and NGENT) will assigned in the proper columns. 
  • With SARINIT PRETAIN=INIT (the default), View will use both the information from the ERO file and the SARINIT NGEND and NGENT parameters for retentions, in that it wants a report to be retained for as long as it can.
  • With SARINIT PRETAIN=TABLE, View uses the ERO table as the first and only point of reference in assigning report retentions.
  • There will be retention countdowns in the Days, Gens, and Copy columns, with each occurrence of the View backup.

Additional Information

For more information about Retention, please refer to the CA View 14.0 documentation.