CA View/Deliver/EBC - What Fixes are Needed for EC2C0710 CICS 5.4 Support?


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CA Deliver CA View


The client is upgrading to CICS TS 5.4, and wants to know what CA View/Deliver/EBC PTFs are needed, to provide that alias. 



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


Client was sent the following PTFs:

. RO99052 - EBC 12.2
. RO99054 - Deliver 12.2
. RO99055 - View 12.2

On a PC, .BIN files can be viewed using MS Word and EBCDIC translation.

CA mainframe product PTFs are module replacements, as ZAPs are no longer being used.
When viewed on a PC, there will be the opening matter describing the PTF, then followed by the actual new module.

When uploading .BIN files to the mainframe, a binary format must be used.