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Problem with ServiceDeskManager Connector removing more CIs than expected


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


SOI 4.2 and ServiceDeskManager-connector 3.4.1.

When we inactivate a relationship in ServiceDeskManager that is in a single SOI service, CIs that may exist in other services are deleted in all of them.

Previously , with SOI 4.0 and ServiceDeskManager-connector 3.2.0, CIs were only deleted in the affected service.


Release : 17.1

Component : Catalyst Connector for Service Desk Manager


Please, contact Support department:

New .jar provided fixing the issue reported

Steps to install the new .jar :

1) Stop Catalyst where is running the SDM Connector

2) Do a backup for the current .jar file, located : 


3) Copy the new .jar file you got from Support department.

4) Restart Catalyst