TPX: Is there a limit to the number of Virtual Terminal Masking Rules under 1 table?


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What is the limit to the number of rules that can exist under 1 Masking Rule Table?



Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for ZOS


To display Virtual Terminal Masking Rules,

          Start session TPXADMIN.
          Select 2  TPX System Options
          Select 3  Virtual Terminal Masking Rules 

This will display " Masking Rules Table "
You can add a new Table or Select the default table to modify masking Rules.

The next panel displays - Masking Rules Table Entry List. 

      Masking Rules Table Entry 

Selecting any Table entry,  will display the actual Masking values between the Physical and Virtual Terminals. Example;

Additional masking rules can be inserted by using an 'I' to insert a new entry.
This list can have multiple terminal translation entries. The number of entries, depends on the amount of storage available. 
As of this writing, no limit has been determined for either, Rules table or Table entries.


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