Aborting request after trying 3 (NX_DB_RECONNECT_ATTEMPTS) times
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Aborting request after trying 3 (NX_DB_RECONNECT_ATTEMPTS) times


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We are getting aborting request after trying 3 times. how can we increase the number of attempts SDM tries?

Line 1203: 01/29 00:16:24.40 SDMHostName bpvirtdb_srvr        2284 ERROR        vdbagent.c             852 Aborting request after trying 3 (NX_DB_RECONNECT_ATTEMPTS) times due to database connectivity problems for agent select5



Release : 17.2



SDM option that controls this is  @NX_VIRTDB_RECONNECT_RETRY, it is the maximum number of attempts to allow for retrying queries that have SQL Connection problem.

SDM options around such connection/retry configuration are below:

Maximum number of attemts to allow for retrying querys that have SQL connection problems. Default is 3.

How long to wait in seconds to attempt to re-connect. Default is 15 seconds

Number of times database agent tries to connect to a Database before returning  an error. Resolved from NX_SQL_CONNECTION_RETRY. Default is 5. 

Number of microseconds that a database agent waits before retrying a connection  to a Database. Resolved from NX_SQL_CONNECTION_WAIT. Default is 500000. 


Normally we do not need these to be changed, however, if there is a need to change them, they can be.  It is also preferred that these be changed/installed using pdm_options_mgr command:

Also keep in mind, extended delays/retries may not be sustainable in SDM (because we depend on record locks, internal triggers with in SDM etc.,)  which could cause further locking of SDM records etc.,  It's always better to get the root issue identified, as to why SQL Server was not available to start with.