How to configure SOI to populate SHORTNAME of a CI in place of FQDN


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We have built fresh SOI 4.2 environment on 2012 OS. 
The Hostname of CI's are coming as mixed entries (FQDN and without FQDN). 
We want them to be trimmed to short name only (Without FQDN)


Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager: 4.x


Follow these steps to populate CI Name as "SHORTNAME" in Escalation Actions

1) Stop SOI Manager services

2) Backup "\SOI\jsw\conf\soi-manager.conf"

3) Add an additional "DEA_USE_SHORT_HOSTNAME=1" property as shown below

Note: Assuming the previous active "" sequence number was 24

4) Start SOI Manager services

5) Now, use $[Host Name] property in escalation actions to print CI name, with above changes, it converts the FQDN hostname to SHORTNAME