policy server and webagent optionpack in virtual environment
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policy server and webagent optionpack in virtual environment


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We're planning to install a Web Agent Option Pack and we'd like to
know :

 1. What is the updated link for :

 2. Can we install the Web Agent Option Pack on a virtual box ?

 3. Can we install Policy Server on a virtual box?

 4. Are there any restrictions from Support on using a virtual
    platform ?




Policy Server 12.8SP3 on RedHat 7;

Web Agent Option Pack 12.52SP1CR10;




1. The link is the following one : 
   CA Support Statement for Virtualization

2. Yes you can ! As mentioned in the above link there should be no
   problem of running Web Agent Option Pack on virtual machine, and we
   strongly suggest you to test the environment in pre-production

   "In general, CA products run in virtual environments without
    incident. CA notes any specific issues it detects in the respective
    product documentation. However, it is important to note that CA
    does not attempt to run quality assurance tests for every possible
    setup of its products with each and every virtual platform and
    cannot certify specific client configurations."

3. The same statement as per above 2. applies;

4. Yes there are. From the link, read carefully the section :

   In order to facilitate a quick resolution and root cause to any
   potential product issue encountered under virtualization, CA would
   like to establish some basic guidelines for those products CA
   supports in a virtual environment:

   - In general, only the current GA version and the prior major
     version of the virtualization software are supported. Some CA
     products may note specific versions in product documentation and
     compatibility matrices.

   - All versions and configurations of applications and operating systems
     (kernels included) running virtually must already be certified for the
     CA product version the client is running. If you need to check a
     product's Compatibility Matrix, visit the Support Online Web Site, or
     check with your Support Availability Manager.