Blueprint Admin: Sections reorder on some blueprints when you click Edit


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  • In the Modern UX, when the administrator edits a Blueprint, the 'Settings' section unexpectedly moves if you add or reorder the sections. 
  • If you move the 'Settings' section back to the bottom, it will only stay that way until you make another edit to the blueprint.
  • This does not apply only to the 'Settings' section.  Any section will move if there is a custom section at the top. 

1. Navigate to the Modern UX 
2. Click on the Administration menu 
3. Click on Blueprints 
5. Open a (Copy of) Standard Project Blueprint 
6. In the DETAILS tab - Click EDIT, ADD SECTION and add a field to that new section then, PUBLISH.  This section will be at the bottom of the list 
7. Click EDIT, ADD SECTION, move NEW SECTION to top of the list and add a field to this new section, PUBLISH 
8. Click EDIT, move SETTINGS SECTION to bottom of the list, PUBLISH 
9. Click EDIT one last time 

Expected Results: While in the EDIT mode of Blueprint, the 'Settings' sections should not move around to a different position in the list after publishing. 

Actual results: When you make an edit to the Blueprint, the 'Settings' section moves and will only stay until you make another edit to the blueprint. 


This issue is caused by: DE51773


Release : 15.5, 15.5.1, 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.7, `5.7.1

Component : CA PPM Administration


This is fixed in 15.8

Workaround: None.